At Edith & Kiveen we know that jewellery can hold

powerful and enduring significance and memories.

Nicola's working process is intuitive and thorough.

Here is a guide to the commissioning process -

Nicola designing unique custom jewellery

First step


I want to hear from you all about the piece you want to create, the story you want to tell, the message you want to give or the memory you want to treasure. We can meet in person or online. We will discuss materials, styles, comfort and budget, and I will start sketching and gathering colours and shapes in response to your ideas.



Design concepts

We will create sketches and refine designs according to your feedback until you are happy. We can also model the design in silver or wax as a ‘protoype’ for you to view, so you can get a real sense of how the piece will look on you. We will ask you to sign off the designs.


Crafting your piece

Once you are happy with the designs or model, our team in London will handcraft the finished item in the precious metal of your choice, using any sourced or supplied stones. In the case of rings, we will confirm sizings with a fitting before finalization.

Edith & Kiveen bespoke jewellery - working process
Commissioned pieces - each one tells an intimate story

Over to you


We will be clear about delivery timescales. The process usually takes 4-6 weeks from the initial consultation, depending on availability for stage sign-offs and requirements for stone sourcing, and once ready your piece will be packaged for delivery or collection.



I love iolite and it is an oft overlooked stone.

I first featured it in “Bubbles” - it is a beautiful deep blue with a tinge of purple, and a fraction of the price of either a sapphire or tanzanite – like tanzanite it is quite soft though, so I always have to 'soft talk' my goldsmiths into using them.

I always set iolites in rubover settings to protect the stone, and in the case of this ring it meant the client could have the ring of her dreams without the pricetag of her nightmares!

Edith & Kiveen bespoke Aqua & Iolite Ring



The story behind this is that the client had three rings: her own, her mother's and her grandmother's engagement rings, which she wanted to make into one ring for herself to wear.

We used the shanks (the ring bit that goes round the finger) of the existing rings as a present for her Mum. This photo is of the newly remodelled ring shanks together with the new settings for the stones.

Three Generations Upcycling Bespoke Jewellery Commission



In this commissioned piece, I designed the charms, clasp and mechanism to compliment the brooch & so the client could wear it in three ways - as a brooch, an opera length necklace on a single chain or a shorter necklace on a double chain.

We took the design of the leaves in the brooch & replicated them on the chain so it wouldn't look as if she had just stuck her brooch on a chain!

Gold Brooch Chain Commissioned Bespoke Jewellery



This was a commissioned ring for a client who wanted lots of bling on a limited budget so we took a classic diamond ring design of a cushion cut and two elongated pears but did it in aquamarines instead of diamonds - she absolutely loved it!

Bling Ring - Edith & Kiveen Bespoke Jewellery



I was viewing a particularly lovely sapphire at Holts in Hatton Garden when a client walked in. He wanted something very special for his wife, and the brief was absolutely no diamonds and she was to be involved in the design process.

I started a mood board and sent her several images of rings. She didn’t reply to any of my emails (she is a v busy, v successful lawyer and v time poor!). Rather than just give up I imagined what sort of ring she would love, designed and sent it to her. She responded immediately saying it was perfect even though she hadn’t known what she wanted.

Sapphires in the Stream - Bespoke Jewellery Commission



The client who bought the first piece of E&K jewellery at the very first collection – “Aurora” wanted something “funky” and special for her daughter’s 21st. 

We came up with the idea of using 21 diamonds of different shapes made into a circle to be worn on either a chain or leather for a really cool look.

21 Diamonds Bespoke Commission Necklace



I love getting commissions from people for my favourite clients. 

In this case the commission was for a brilliant woman who had set up a club for other brilliant women which became a roaring success. 

The piece is a lovely baroque pearl and golden citrine which suited her colouring perfectly and the name reflected the many pearls of wisdom we all received from her and all the other members of this fabulous group.

Edith & Kiveen bespoke jewellery - Golden Pearl Necklace



As a lawyer I often received instructions from clients that were not straightforward and now as a jeweller I sometimes get cryptic instructions too.

In this case the client wanted a special birthday present for his wife, who often returned jewellery he gave her. The brief was to create something that would represent perpetual motion, as his wife was so often herself in perpetual motion. I googled the phrase, I meditated and cogitated and eventually came up with a whirlpool type design in diamonds of different sizes so the pendant looked as if it was indeed in perpetual motion. Very luckily the client loved it and this piece wasn't returned!

Perpetual Motion - Custom jewellery design


If you are interested in enquiring about a bespoke commission, please contact Nicola here.