Here we present the Ciel Collection of 2014.



Ciel Launch Party 2014

'Ciel' – blue skies inspire this bold, optimistic collection. Time changes us but blue skies always return.

How can I already be creating my third collection?! The first two were easy to name but the C proved a little more challenging, until one day jogging in France I looked at the beautiful blue sky and "Ciel" was such an obvious choice.

One thing I have been working on for this collection is how to make one piece do multiple things. The Victorians were masters of this, and anyone familiar with the jewellery the Queen wears will notice how many different pieces can be worn many different ways. One of her favourite tiaras is the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara which she wears with pearl drops, emerald drops or even without either.

A little more down to earth and wearable than that are "Colour constellation", "Blue Moon" and "Celtic sun" earrings in this collection which can be worn with or without pendant drops.

I have also started to recycle or "upcycle" as I have been told to call it! "Time changes" features the remains of an art deco diamond bracelet, too damaged to be repaired but now forming a pair of statement earrings – also with interchangeable drops. 

The fastenings of "Timeless ruby" were from another pair of earrings which in turn were made from an old tiara, long since lost. Probably the oldest upcycle is "Capricorn constellation captured" which features a prehistoric flint arrow head now "captured" in 18 carat gold.

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