Here we present the Borealis Collection of 2013.



Borealis Launch Party 2013

The Aurora Borealis has always fascinated me and one day I will get to see those northern lights! In the meantime this collection tries to capture some of the myriad of colours that make up that constellation...

Having named the first collection Aurora, naming this one was a no brainer. 

I'm not sure how "Secret Ice" slipped into this collection as it is the only piece without colour – or is it? The whole magic of diamonds, is that even the clearest & simplest like this emerald cut actually shoots a thousand different colours.

"Sweeties" in the Aurora collection was the first piece sold at my first show so it seemed fitting to repeat the piece but with a cooler colour spectrum. "Bubbles" is also on the cooler end of the Borealis spectrum and in it I use an oft overlooked stone called iolite, to me as beautiful as sapphire or tanzanite and as deep as the night sky.

You will have gathered by now that the names of all my pieces are all carefully chosen, and in this collection is a ring using the aquamarine my Father gave my Mother for her 21st birthday present having refused her request for an aquamarine engagement ring, the piece is therefore called "the Julia ring" in her honour and – not surprisingly – not for sale.

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